Year 3

Kingfisher and Robin 


Welcome to Year 3 and Key Stage 2!


In Year Three, we aim to create memorable learning experiences that ignite children’s curiosity and develop their resilience.  We support children to grow academically and socially within their new Key Stage.  Kingfisher and Robin will be safe areas where children will be encouraged to share, explore and develop their ideas and thoughts.  We will continue to develop our Growth Mindsets as we celebrate our first attempts in learning (FAIL).   



Key Dates:

  • Friday 16th September 2022 - DT afternoon - Children will need to bring in one piece of fruit. 
  • Thursday 6th October 2022 - Year 3 Autumn INSITE - Timings to be confirmed.
  • Tuesday 31st October 2022- Hook Day - Children will need to bring in a plastic water bottle (that can be cut up), a large piece of card (cereal box) and newspapers.


Year Three key reminders:


  •  P.E will be taught twice a week and should come to school in PE kit on PE days.  The PE timetable will be finalised in September
  • Reading books should be brought in each day - we encourage children to be reading daily with an adult.  Please use their Bug Club and Accelerate Reader accounts.
  • Children will be given access to Numbots and Timestables Rockstars.  Daily practice using these Learning Tools will support the development of fluency and automaticity




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