The Teaching Team

The Teaching Team:

Miss Drohan - Team Leader

Mrs Phillips  - Y3 Teacher

Miss Woolfenden - Y3 Teacher

Mrs Down - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Black - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Rayment- Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Hickman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Malone - Teaching Assistant

Miss Hardwell - Teaching Assistant


Kingfisher Class



Mrs Teree Phillips


I have worked in education for 20 years and have been employed at Shiphay for the last 4 years. Having successfully completed my first teaching year, I am very excited to be staying in the wonderful Middle School Team for a second year. I enjoy teaching all areas of the curriculum especially when there is an opportunity for a hands-on approach as I feel it is these experiences that enhance and embed the learning for children and allow them to be creative and express themselves. Kingfisher will be a safe, welcoming class where everyone will feel valued and part of a team. Having the confidence to take risks and make mistakes in their learning will be celebrated as an important part of becoming an aspirational, independent learner.
In my spare time I can often be found with my nose stuck in a book, on long walks with my family and our two mischievous cockerpoos Poppy and Penny, or paddle boarding on the lovely, beautiful waters that surround Torquay.



Robin Class



Miss Alice Woofenden

After completing my training with Shiphay through Exeter Consortium and spending the last year in Year 1. I feel very fortunate to be joining such a supportive and amazing team and becoming a permanent member of the Shiphay family. I am very excited to be joining the Middle School Team and teaching in Year 3 this year!
My degree in Education Studies really allowed me to understand how children learn and develop. Through opportunities within 
various placements in both England and Wales, I was able to experience a range of different schools, gaining transferable skills and strengthening my drive to further educate children.
As an Early Career Teacher (ECT) I am looking forward to embarking on my second year and strengthening my subject knowledge and practice. As a teacher early in my career, I am always keeping up to date with changes and further research. My background in Performing Arts is something I am very passionate about and I believe children should all get opportunities to experience the Arts in school. Being a creative person, I like to find ways to incorporate this into my teaching and make my lessons fun and engaging!
In my classroom I value an inclusive space where the individual needs of all the children are met. I believe the classroom should be child-centred, where children are heard, respected and resilience is promoted. I am really looking forward to joining the Middle School Team and working with Robin class this year in a creative, warm and nurturing environment.



Year 3  TAs