The Teaching Team

The Teaching Team:

Mrs Gorman - Team Leader

Mrs Phillips  - Y3 Teacher

Mrs Thomas - Y3 Teacher

Mrs Coxell - Teaching Assistant

Mr Giampaglia - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sedgwick- Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Hickman - Teaching Assistant

Miss Aldridge - Teaching Assistant


Kingfisher Class


Mrs Phillips


I have worked in education for 19 years and have been employed at Shiphay for the last 3. During this time I have worked principally in Years 1 and 2. Having successfully completed a Straight to Teaching programme this year, I have been lucky enough to gain a teaching position at Shiphay and I am very excited to be joining the wonderful Middle School team as an Early Career Teacher in Year 3.

I enjoy teaching all areas of the curriculum especially when there is an opportunity for a hands-on approach as I feel it is these experiences that enhance and embed the learning for children and allow them to be creative and express themselves.

Kingfisher will be a safe, welcoming class where everyone will feel valued and part of a team. Having the confidence to take risks and make mistakes in their learning will be celebrated as an important part of becoming an aspirational, independent learner.

In my spare time I can often be found with my nose stuck in a book, on long walks with my family and our two mischievous cockerpoos Poppy and Penny or paddle boarding on the lovely, beautiful waters that surround Torquay.


Robin Class

Mrs Thomas 




I started my career as a Year Four teacher in Reading in 2015 where I was the PE co-ordinator, an area of the curriculum I particularly enjoy teaching as it allows children to get active and learn creatively.  I joined Shiphay Learning Academy in 2017 and have loved working in such a positive and welcoming school with so many artistic opportunities for both myself and the pupils.  My main subject specialism within my teaching degree was Art.  I have been fortunate enough to work alongside all ages at Shiphay Learning Academy on art projects, some of which have been displayed within our local community.  I also have a keen passion for teaching Mathematics.  I believe Mathematics should ignite children’s curiosity, leading to those eureka moments that make learning so memorable.  I strongly believe that it is these exciting learning opportunities that spark children’s love for learning across the curriculum and create life-long learners.

Robin will be a safe area where children are encouraged to share and explore their ideas, supporting them along their unique learning journeys. I believe it is essential to ensure all children feel confident to have a go and value their mistakes as a step towards progress.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and starting my second year as a Year Three teacher.



Year 3  TAs



Mrs Hickman  Mrs Sedgwick  Miss Aldridge Mr Giampaglia  Mrs Coxell