The Teaching Team

Kingfisher Class


   Miss Chubb 


I have been a class teacher at Shiphay Learning Academy for three years, since I qualified in 2016. I have taught in Year 2 and Year 3 and I am excited to continue teaching in Year 3 this year. As an aspiring teacher of Primary education, I have done my utmost to fill my life with experiences to assist me in developing the relevant knowledge and skills required to be an outstanding teacher. Due to this commitment of lifelong learning, I am now Team Leader of Middle School and am extremely excited to begin this new role. I have a strong founded belief that learning should evoke excitement, wonder and joy and I believe that it is the role of all teachers to stimulate such a response.

My main specialist subject with my teaching degree was PE and I am the Academy’s Sports Champion. I recently ensured Shiphay was awarded a Gold School Games Mark and have actively promoted the Golden Mile initiative across the school. Throughout the year I will be ensuring that children have access to after-school clubs, competitions and a fulfilling PE curriculum every term. I have a real desire to use outside space, when possible, to allow children to learn actively and creatively.

Within my classroom, I aim to promote Aspiration at all times, to ensure that children are inspired to learn and to reach their fullest potential. During Year 3, I will be developing the children’s independence.  I take great pride in providing the children with the tools they need in order to develop their skills to become independent learners. In Kingfisher. I will often remind the children that it is good to fail because FAIL stands for First Attempt in Learning and it is important to take risks and make mistakes to allow learning to become embedded.

I am very excited to start my fourth academic year at Shiphay Learning Academy, especially as Team Leader, where I know that the year will be full of positive learning.


Robin Class


      Miss Langman


I am in my second year of teaching Year 3 at Shiphay Learning Academy. I have a degree in Environmental Science and a PGCE with a specialism in science teaching. I am passionate about conserving our environment and sustainability in schools. I have spent time doing turtle conservation in Costa Rica and have travelled to many parts of the world to gain a deeper understanding of our planet, the issues it faces and some solutions. I love being outdoors and think learning in the outdoors is really important to children. I enjoy sports, especially swimming, water polo and netball. When not in the classroom I can often be found out surfing or paddle boarding around the Devon coast.

My classroom is an exciting place to learn offering many opportunities to learn in different ways. I like to inspire children to aim high and to be resilient learners. A positive learning environment is crucial to learners so they can feel confident enough to share what they think and all opinions are valued. I encourage sharing of experiences outside of school and try to incorporate their interests in their learning. Everyone has different talents and I aim to celebrate them all. I aspire to create lifelong learners by providing the tools for them to use in and out of the classroom. A can-do attitude is always promoted and to never lose sight of your dreams, anything can be possible if you put your mind to it.