Curriculum Vision: Our Aspiration Statement


Our aspiration for Shiphay Learning Academy is to enable all children to reach out to their full potential in a safe, welcoming and happy environment.  We will strive to serve our community and create responsible citizens, who are independent and confident lifelong learners, equipped to meet the challenges of a changing future. This will be achieved within an inclusive and respecting environment that values every individual, encourages creativeness and celebrates the diversity of our community.


How do we do this?

At the heart of all we do are our four Core Values:


  • Aspiration
  • Contribution
  • Creativeness
  • Respecting


These Values lead our Curriculum and our aim is for them to be visible in what we do and how we do it and also in our environment and across the organisation. We aim to live and breathe them as they become an embedded, implicit part of Shiphay Learning Academy. Through our Core Values weave the four ‘I’s:


  • Independence: we support and expect the children to develop independence in its widest sense, including independence in learning.
  • Innovation: we are continually seeking new tools and pedagogies to improve and develop our curriculum and we encourage the children to be innovative in their learning too.
  • Inclusion: our curriculum is for all. We have the same expectation and Aspiration for every pupil regardless of ability, disability, culture, home background, gender or age. The Inclusion Team are an integral part of ensuring every child has access to the curriculum in its widest sense.
  • IT: we are creating 21st century learners and embrace technology as a tool for learning and a skill for life.


We have a creative approach to our curriculum which includes involving the children in the planning process and allow them to lead the direction of learning in terms of the context for learning. The teacher keeps the overall view of objectives to ensure the quality and coverage of the teaching and learning taking place.


Curriculum Design:

Our curriculum is designed to ensure a cohesive learning journey across the school with pupils having opportunities to makes links between their learning in different subjects and being encouraged to apply knowledge and skills to take their own learning forward. Our long term and medium term planning focuses on both substantive and disciplinary knowledge.   Curriculum subjects are taught explicitly with each year group planning half termly themes so that individual subjects can complement each other.  Alongside this, knowledge organisers are used to ensure knowledge progression across the school. 


Science continues to be taught in termly blocks with a set focus across each year group. We strive to make cross curricular links wherever possible to support the embedding of knowledge in a range of contexts.


Computing is an integral tool for learning. This is a coaching approach and supports ICT learning for all pupils and staff. 


The Wider Curriculum:

Here at Shiphay Learning Academy, we believe in offering children a plethora of opportunities to shine and develop as individuals. We offer a wide range of after school clubs, lunch time clubs and opportunities at various points throughout the year. These include, sports, the arts, ICT, academic opportunities and modern foreign languages.


Pupil Voice:

Our pupils are at the heart of our Academy; we are here to serve them and their families. With this in mind, we have developed forums where pupils can contribute to the decisions made in the Academy. These include, Class Councils, Academy Pupil Council, Eco-Council and SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group).



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