Reading & Phonics

It is important to continue with reading routines that have been established during the Reception year. In Year One, it is a time for them to build upon their initial phonics phases and become more confident, fluent and skilled readers. 


At home you can encourage a love of reading by modelling it yourself. Children love to copy the grown-ups! It is also recommended that you read with your child for 15 -20 minutes each day. Many find bedtime a good time to put this into their daily routine.


At Shiphay Learning Academy, we use Letters and Sounds as a scheme of work that supports the delivery of our phonics programme.

Each child will develop at a rate that is right for them, their progress will be closely monitored by the Year One teaching team and will inform which phonic phase is right for them. 


Once individuals are ready to progress to the next phase, they will do so but will also continue to revisit previous learning to consolidate it.


For more access to all of the phonic phases, ideas, games and resources please take a look at the web-link below:

A Phonics Screening Guide for Parents

Pie Corbett's recommended reading list for Year One children