The Teaching Team


Miss Kim Mason

My areas of interest within education are pupil development, reading and writing. I am very interested in understanding the stages of development and how we can best support children socially and emotionally in all aspects of their lives. Through my interest in these areas I have become a Specialist Leader of Education in children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development and the subjects PSHE and RSHE. In addition to this, I am also very passionate about promoting a love of literature and books with children to enable their enjoyment of reading, whilst also broadening their language understanding and in turn providing opportunities for children to explore different styles and approaches to writing.

I am looking forward to my first year at Shiphay Learning Academy and creating a classroom where the children enjoy their learning experiences, build resilience in all areas of their learning and have opportunities to develop both personally and academically. I hope all children in Chestnut enjoy their time in class, develop their understanding of the world and learn through exciting and engaging learning activities. In turn, I believe they will all be confident, independent and resilient individuals.

Mrs Laura Harrison

Having lived in London since finishing university, I am excited to be returning to Torbay this summer and to be joining Shiphay as a Year 5 teacher in Elm Class. Previously, I trained and worked as a commercial solicitor. However, after having a family, I decided to follow my dream to retrain and become a primary school teacher. Following my employment-based teacher training in Years 1 and 5, I have been teaching in Year 5 in a primary school in North London. 

Whilst I enjoy teaching all areas of the curriculum, I have a passion for teaching reading and writing. I love nothing more than getting lost in a good book and it is wonderful when I see the same enthusiasm for reading ignite in my own pupils and the remarkable benefits it can bring to a child’s performance across many areas of the curriculum. I also relish helping my class to develop into budding authors, who are able to use words to paint their own worlds and enthrall their peers with their imaginings. 

Throughout my time in schools, I have loved working with children of all ages; I enjoy the challenges and wonders that different year groups bring. However, I have particularly enjoyed Upper Key Stage 2 where pupils make so much progress, not only academically, but also as individuals and future citizens. Additionally, I have found that at this age helping children to develop a growth mindset is particularly important; a sense of self-belief can work as an excellent catalyst for learning and development. Therefore, I strive to make sure my classroom is a safe yet stimulating environment, where children feel comfortable taking risks and, when things do not go to plan, using these times as learning opportunities.