Rapid Reading

Rapid Reading is a collection of finely levelled fiction and non-fiction books around topics and themes that your children will love. The Rapid Reading books are available as printed books and online. The online world offers an extra layer of motivation and confidence building, with read-to-me and read/record functions, cool animated characters that support the reader with instruction and feedback, plus online assessment and reporting data that helps you keep children moving at exactly the right pace for them.


With dyslexia-friendly features approved by the British Dyslexia Association and proven to more than double pupils’ progress in reading, Rapid is a reading intervention programme that you can trust to really work.


Based on the pedagogy that is proven to double reading progress, Rapid Reading helps struggling learners catch up and rejoin their classmates in super quick time! Featuring high-quality and engaging online resources, Rapid’s unique digital environment will help to close the attainment gap – fast. Rapid Reading features colourful characters, a dyslexia-friendly font and unique speech-recognition software to help children take the small but important steps they need to make progress in reading. 


How Rapid Reading Works: 

Rapid is all about children reading books at exactly the right level, working with an adult to build understanding and having opportunities for independent reinforcement. Comprehension is built into every stage of the process. The online eBooks and activities work seamlessly with the printed books to give pupils a complete reading experience.