Physical Education

At Shiphay Primary School, the Physical Education curriculum has been created to develop and instil a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport, be it recreational or competitive. A child-centred, fully inclusive, curriculum is underpinned by strong school values that enable all pupils to become confident communicators, enhancing self-awareness and self-respect, whilst nurturing individual talents. These lifelong learning skills endeavour to develop the motivation that allows every pupil the opportunity and skill-set to lead and understand the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.

As pupils progress through the key stages, they will follow the Real PE curriculum alongside a broad range of sporting activities.  Opportunities are given to show variety and creativity through independent and collaborative activities.  Social skills are nurtured through cooperative learning, roles and responsibilities.  Pupils develop their cognitive skills, understanding how to improve their own and others performance.  Pupils can describe changes in their body when they exercise, explain the benefits of exercise and how to practice safely, plan for activity and explain individual needs in health and fitness.  There are continual opportunities for pupils to challenge themselves and others within lessons, extra-curricular clubs, intra-house competitions and sports festivals, inter-school team events and School Games events.  Our curriculum aims to improve the well-being and fitness of all children at Shiphay Learning Academy, not only through the skills taught, but through enjoyment and the underpinning values and disciplines PE promotes. 

We recognise the need to develop the core skills, knowledge and understanding, to support this through a broad and balanced curriculum where pupils’ learning is scaffolded across a broad range of practical sports. We provide a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities to further promote progressive skills. We are proud to nurture the talents of pupils with high aspiration in a variety of sports, and we actively celebrate the individual and team successes of present and past pupils.


At Shiphay Learning Academy, we aspire to provide excellent provision for Physical Education, where we can boast good outdoor spaces, both hard court and grass, for curricular and extra-curricular activities. We also share access to the Trust indoor heated swimming pool, complete with qualified swimming coach, and indoor hall for facilitating sport and PE delivery. We work well with local clubs and providers to signpost pupils for further development outside of the school day. As part of the Torquay Boys Grammar School Partnership, we also offer our pupils the opportunities for both intra and inter school competition at both festival fun, and competition level.


Our Physical Education curriculum mapping also includes an outdoor and adventurous component, most notably in Year 3 and 6 where a residential trip further enhances the pupils’ positive physical education experiences before they leave Shiphay.

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