Personal Development at Shiphay Learning Academy

Personal Development


At Shiphay Learning Academy, Personal Development is used to encompass all opportunities for SMSC; PSHE; RSHE; exploration of life within modern Britain and British Values; wider school opportunities; community involvement; assemblies; RE; and recognition of significant national and global events and dates. We aim to promote and develop the children’s personal development through a whole school ethos, class-based activities, exposure to new experiences and ideas, and personalised support for individual pupils. We understand that providing opportunities for the children’s personal development are absolutely vital both academically and within their communities and wider society. We have a holistic approach to ensure we support all aspects of the children’s development. We ensure children develop a knowledge and understanding of themselves personally, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. 


Personal Development at Shiphay Learning Academy, is primarily taught through the PSHE curriculum. This is further enhanced through embedding our school values, the work of our Pastoral Team and with the expertise of the Mental Health Support Team. We provide opportunities through whole school assemblies, visits and visitors, working alongside people within the community and outreach provisions. This ensures all pupils acquire and develop the skills to be healthy and respectful citizens within our diverse and multicultural Britain.  Our SMSC provision includes teaching, learning and development in: PSHE, RSHE, British Values, Modern Britain, British Events and other significant themed areas, such as our Diversity Days.