Paignton Academy

Virtual Induction Day - Friday 10th July 2020


At 9am on 10th July, incoming Year 6 students will have a chance to join a short 15 minute online Google Meet, via their Paignton Academy email address.  This is a short hello with their Head of House, Pastoral Manager and in most cases their form tutor.  We will ask students to mute their microphones and turn off their cameras but they may be able to ask questions at the end if they have any.  There are 6 of these different meetings as we have students joining each of the three houses on both sites.


It is absolutely not a problem if students cannot join in or if they have technical issues, we will create further videos of the tutors.  We know many students will not be available tomorrow or being in certain bubbles will mean it is not possible, hence why everything is recorded.


During the day we will email Year 6 students a "Welcome to Paignton" PowerPoint and 6 sample lessons, which are between 5 minutes or 20 minutes long.  All of these sample lessons are pre-recorded, loaded to YouTube and can be watched at any time by anyone. 


We will send them via email at intervals throughout the day, so they can access them one at a time if they like, however all of them bar the 9am Google Meet can be watched at any time over the coming days and weeks, it is not essential they watch them tomorrow.


For the PE lesson students might need a Tennis Racquet, ball and wall or a frying pan and socks.


For the Engineering lesson students will need pencil, paper, ruler and the internet.  


If students would like to try the two Science experiments that Mrs Hughes talks through, they will need


Cornflour Slime: Cornflour, Water, Bowl/plastic tub & spoon


Exploding volcanoes: Vinegar, Baking soda/bicarbonate, Drinking class, Measuring jug/spoon & Teaspoon

Year 6 TRANSITION Update 19th June 2020


We have completed phase 1 of our Year 6 transition.


This morning all incoming Year 6 students should have received by post an information pack, with site and House allocation.


We have a Year 6 parents page with documents and videos


We have a Year 6 student website with information for the students-  


We have an introduction video to Borough Road


We have an introduction video to Waterleat Road  


All Year 6 have now been given access to their Paignton Academy gmail address, this includes access to google classroom and google meet.  


Every Friday we will be emailing Year 6 with an update with more videos and challenges.


We also shared a Maths platform that is fully independent, with 12 weeks of lessons they can work on from an ipad or PC.


We are now developing phase 2 which will be the next tranche of videos and the use of google classrooms.