Other Activity Suggestions

Below are a few activities and ideas that you can undertake in your garden or whilst out for a walk. If you like the look of these you may wish to visit the website of Little Pine Learners where you can find more creative ideas for using mother nature to aid learning.


Beginning Sound Stone Matching Game


10+ Simple and Beautiful Stone Activities for Children


Nature Crown Board


Alphabet Colour Activity

One of the fantastic things about playing with a LEGO challenge calendar is that it can be fun for not just your child but the entire family. It helps children with their problem solving, builds their resilience and increases their understanding and application of problem solving skills.


LEGO challenges come with a lot of benefits such as 

• Improving your creative thinking. 

• Helping your team spirit 

• Helps you pay more attention to detail 

• Builds your communication skills 

• Encourages following appropriate directions  

Looking for something different? Why not try the Challenge 50 or scavenger hunt activities? Maybe you can create your own indoor treasure hunt!