Online Safety

Meet Berty the Bee-Safe bee! Berty is our Online Safety Mascot, you will spot him around our school; in the classrooms and communal spaces. He has a very important job of reminding us of how to stay safe when online.

Berty reminds us that we need to remember 3 key things when using the internet...


1.ZIP IT! 

Don't give out our personal details such as full name, address and school. Think before we click, is my message kind? would I want to be sent it?


Block any users who are sending inappropriate or unkind messages. Block any adverts or pop-ups. 


Tell a trusted adult so that they can help you with what to do next and report it to CEOP or the police. 




Remember to be SMART at all times when using the online world!

What should I do if I am worried about something or someone when I am Online?

  • Keep your screen open and take it straight to a trusted adult.
  • Tell an adult you trust, this could be your parent or carer, a teacher or Miss Porter who is our DSL and Online Safety Champion.
  • Report the user or the content via the website you are on.
  • Block the user
  • Call Childline on 0800 1111
  • Talk to Ollee at


Watch the fun videos below as a reminder of how to stay safe when using the online world. 


What will I learn about staying safe online at school? 

Click the link below to find out about what you will learn about Online Safety in each year group in the school. 

Want to find out more?

Click on the correct link for your age to watch videos and play games all about staying safe online.

Important Online Safety documents and policies

Our School Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement

Acceptable Use Policy for our Upper School Pupils

Lesson slides for using iPads for learning safely

Riviera Education Trust Online Safety Policy