Home Learning

The tasks set for home learning allow children to practise and consolidate skills they have learnt in school, but also give them a valuable opportunity to share their learning with you.  In Year 5, Home Learning will be given to the children every week and will consist of activities related to the Literacy and Numeracy curriculum that the children have been completing in school.  This may consist of activities to consolidate and re-enforce what has been learnt in a lesson, or investigation work linked to a topic. All the activities set will have clear learning intentions and give opportunities for children to succeed and progress. Details of Home Learning can be found on Google Classroom.

According to research, pupils who read at least 35 minutes a day with a 90% comprehension rate on Accelerated Reader quizzes see the greatest gains. Therefore, pupils should have at least 35 minutes set aside for reading during each day. Although pupils have the opportunity to read in school each day, they should also be reading and discussing their reading for a minimum of 20 minutes a day at home. Pupils can quiz on books they have read by logging in to Accelerated Reader:



Daily Spelling Practice 

Within Google Classroom, there are the spellings that the children will be learning each week.  Please support your child in learning the meaning of the words and spending 5 minutes each day to practise them ready for the Friday Spelling Quiz. 


Daily Mental Maths Practice

We advise the ‘little and often’ approach to practising mental maths skills, for example, practising number bonds on a car journey or reciting multiplication tables during a walk. The number facts set must be learnt by heart and with immediate recall, rather than allowing the child the opportunity to work the answer out in their head.

The following website are fantastic resources to support children to develop their mental maths skills.