At Shiphay learning Academy, we aim for a high quality, exciting geography curriculum which is designed to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Our geography curriculum seeks to help pupils understand the space which they inhabit as humans and the wider world around them. Teaching provides pupils with knowledge about different places, people, resources and both natural and human environments and how these change over time. Alongside this, we want our children to have an understanding of key physical and human processes. Our children will develop progressive geographical skills not just through experiences in the classroom, but also with the use of fieldwork and educational visits. 


The curriculum is designed around these key themes:     


Farming and Land Use  ~   Tourism  ~   Environment


These themes will include the progression of these skills:

  • Locational knowledge and map work
  • Human geography
  • Physical geography


Implementation - what does Geography learning look like at Shiphay Learning Academy? 


Substantive knowledge sets out the subject specific content that is to be learned. It is the 'know how' and 'know what' of the geography curriculum. In each year group pupils learn about a place in our world.  Their learning allows them to compare and contrast this to our local area and also to other locations with which they are familiar. 


Disciplinary knowledge considers how substantive knowledge is delivered; it is through disciplinary knowledge that pupils learn the practices of geographers and how to think like a geographer.


Disciplinary skills, which are a focus of every lesson, will include:


  • Asking and answering questions       
  • Collecting and interpreting       
  • Analysing and communicating               
  • Evaluating and debating



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