WC: 22.6.20 STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) Week

This week (Tuesday 23rd June) we celebrate 'Women in Engineering day'.  


Did you know?...

* Ada Lovelace is considered the first computer programmer by using an early calculator (called the Analytical Engine) to perform calculations, decades before the first computer was used.

*Over 150 years ago, Tabitha Babbitt developed an early 'water powered' circular saw to make it easier to chop down trees for building work.

*Hedy Lamarr was not only a famous film star 70 years ago, but the first person to develop 'frequency hopping'.  This is similar technology that is used in WiFi signals today!


These are just a few of the magnificent inventions created by pioneering female engineers of the last 200 years.  From this week forward, starting with STEM week, we are going to be continuing our learning through project based tasks.  There will still be Maths, Reading and Writing activities, but these shall be smaller tasks.


Fridays is still a 'catch up' day, but there is a task or tasks to complete for those that would like something extra to do.


Please note: As this week involves practical activities, inevitably items will be needed to carry out each experiment.  The experiments are designed for home learning so they should be largely available around the home.  Please check on each day (Monday - Thursday) to see which items will be needed by clicking on the Milo and Marvin cartoons, with the exception of Thursday, that requires building blocks, natural materials from the garden, water and a spray bottle/syringe or a teaspoon.