Miss Alice Farmer Oak Class Teacher

Six years ago, I began my teaching career at Shiphay in Year 5.  After two years in Year 5, I then moved abroad to Qatar, where I was teaching the British National Curriculum to Year 2 international children from all over the world. I gained lots of new experiences and skills that I have brought back to my teaching in England. I am looking forward to another engaging and exciting year teaching Oak in Year 6. 


I enjoy teaching all areas of the curriculum, and my subject specialism is Art and Design.  I also have a passion for Mathematics and ensuring the children are given a breadth of understanding that teaches them the skills to be able to reason and solve problems. I am a very active person and enjoy spending my time dancing, running and going paddle boarding around the Bay. I have also been involved in many theatre performances at the Princess Theatre from a young age. My experience as a dancer and performer has taught me the importance of working together as a team and the wide range of skills it develops.


In my classroom, I value the children as creative individuals with each of them being creative in different curriculum areas.  I aim to use this to bring the children together as part of a community. It is important for children to be free to explore what they are learning by asking questions, working collaboratively, having resilience, building independence and being reflective on their practice. By embedding these core values across all of their learning, I believe it will develop the children into strong individuals who are respecting citizens and who are equipped for the future.