Julia Donaldson Club (Y1)

Stories have so much to offer: children develop listening and communication skills, improve concentration and memory, bring experiences alive, create a sense of wonder and help sequence events. Julia Donaldson club will be a fun and exciting place to share our love of reading through singing, rhymes and craft activities. Each week, we will explore a different story and delve into the magic that Julia Donaldson creates in her books


Year 1 Julia Donaldson Club will take place on a Monday between 3.15pm and 4.00pm in the Nursery classroom. Children will be dismissed from the small Nursery gate near the main Reception at 4.00pm or taken to the Hub. The club will start on the 20th of February up until the end of the Spring term. 


If your child would like to attend the club, please complete the Google Form by 12pm on Friday 6th January. If the club is oversubscribed, names will be placed in a hat. You will be informed whether or not your child has a place.  


Happy reading!

Miss Penford