Gymnastics (R)

Shiphay Learning Academy Reception Gymnastics Club (Summer 1 Only) 


In Gymnastics Club we will be practising basic shapes, rolls and jumps. We will also learn how to put the skills into a simple routine and develop strength and flexibility.

Reception Gymnastics Club will take place on a Monday between 3.15pm and 4.00pm in the hall.  Children will be dismissed from the main gate at 4.00pm or go to the Hub. 


The club will start on the Monday 17th April and finish at May half term.


If your child would like to attend the club, please complete the below Google Form by 12pm on Friday the 3rd March. If the club is oversubscribed, names will be placed in a hat. You will be informed whether or not your child has a place on Monday 6th of March or before.  

Many thanks,  

Many thanks,
Mrs Whiteside