Board Game Club (Y3-6)

Shiphay Learning Academy Board Game Club


Board games help children learn important social skills such as waiting, turn taking, sharing, how to cope with losing, making conversation, problem solving, compromising, collaborating and being flexible. This term, Board game club is available for Year 4-6. It will take place on a Tuesday between 3.15pm and 4pm in Woodpecker classroom. We will enjoy playing and sharing different types of boards games together. 


Children will be dismissed from the Children's Entrance at 4pm or taken to the Hub. The club will start on the 10th of January 2023 until 6th February 2023. If your child would like to attend the club, please complete the below Google Form by 12pm on Wednesday the 4th of January. If the club is oversubscribed, names will be placed in a hat. You will be informed whether or not your child has a place on Friday 6th January or before. 

Many thanks,
Mrs Lawton