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Upper School Team includes Year 5 and Year 6. Our aim in Upper School is to provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, which lays a strong foundation on which to build when pupils transfer to their secondary schools. All subjects, together with our enrichment programme and extensive extra-curricular opportunities, play their part in nurturing a well-rounded, aspiritional pupil who is ready and eager to face the new challenges of the next stage of their journey as life-long learners.

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Poetry Slam performance

winners of the torbay poetry slam 2016



The Autumn term has kicked off to a fantastic flying start with all the pupils rising to the new and exciting challenges that being in Upper School brings. So far this term, pupils have participated in team building activities during Welcome Weeks, completed 'A Week of Inspirational Maths', braved Bikeability and elected class representatives for Pupil Council.


French Residential:

Many children in Upper School went on the Residential to France; this was a fantastic opportunity for the children to use their language skills in real life situations while absorbing culture and life in France and learning at first hand about some key events in history. During the residential, pupils participated in the following excursions:

Maisy Battery

Chateau de Caen

Chateau de Falaise


Cité de la Mer

Bayeux Tapestry

Caramels d’Isigny


Activities Week:

The pupils remaining at the school participated in a variety of activities all centred around the delicious theme of chocolate as Shiphay was transformed into a Chocolate Factory. After researching the journey of chocolate from bean to bar pupils formed their own chocolate company and created a new brand of chocolate. Learning how to pipe chocolate designs, each chocolate company experimented with flavours and made their own delicious chocolates. In addition to making the chocolates, companies also designed unique packaging and using the app, Doink, filmed a persuasive advert for their box of chocolates. At the end of the week, each company presented a persuasive pitch to a panel of chocolate experts and a winning company from each class was chosen.  


Autumn Term Theme: A Local Study - Dartmoor:

Despite the wet weather, Upper School all had a fantastic time visiting Dartmoor to learn about how Dartmoor was formed and how man’s impact has affected the development of this important part of our local environment. Led by the experienced guides at the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust, each day, one class had a full day of exploration in the Bellever area which allowed them to learn about these subjects first hand.



Six able writers in Year 6 participated in a poetry workshop with the fantastic performance poet Kev Payne. Inspired by his wordplay, Upper School continued to explore the wonderful world of poetry as they read and analysed poems to gain a deeper understanding of how poets use alliteration, personification, similes and metaphors to create vivid images and have an impact upon the reader before applying this to their own narrative poems about Dartmoor. Celebrating National Poetry Day, Upper School read and performed their favourite poems in a mini poetry slam and participated in the BBC Live Poetry Lesson.