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Curriculum Vision: Our Aspiration Statement

Our aspiration for Shiphay Learning Academy is to enable all children to reach out to their full potential in a safe, welcoming and happy environment.

We will strive to serve our community and create responsible citizens, who are independent and confident lifelong learners, equipped to meet the challenges of a changing future. This will be achieved within an inclusive and respecting environment that values every individual, encourages creativeness and celebrates the diversity of our community.

How do we do this?

At the heart of all we do are our four Core Values:

  • Aspiration

  • Contribution

  • Creativeness

  • Respecting

These Values lead our Curriculum and our aim is for them to be visible in what we do and how we do it and also in our environment and across the organisation. We aim to live and breathe them as they become an embedded, implicit part of Shiphay Learning Academy. Through our Core Values weave the four ‘I’s.

  • Independence: we support and expect the children to develop independence in its widest sense, including independence in learning.

  • Innovation: we are continually seeking new tools and pedagogies to improve and develop our curriculum and we encourage the children to be innovative in their learning too.

  • Inclusion: our curriculum is for all. We have the same expectation and Aspiration for every pupil regardless of ability,                                                                  disability, culture, home background, gender or age. The Inclusion Team are an integral part of ensuring every child has

            access to the curriculum in its widest sense.

  • IT: we are creating 21st century learners and embrace technology as a tool for learning and a skill for life.

We have a creative approach to our curriculum where we involve the children in the planning process and allow them to lead

the direction of learning in terms of the context for learning. The teacher keeps the overall view of objectives to ensure the

quality and coverage of the teaching and learning taking place.

Curriculum Design:

                                                                           Our curriculum is designed as a thematic approach and themes are delivered across the whole school at the same                        

                                                                           time, with Foundation Stage varying the time frame. Subjects are delivered in groups that support the learning of a                        

                                                                           particular theme. Themes can be a short as a four week block or as long as two terms of our six term year. Each theme  

                                                                           tends to be led by one subject with others supporting it. All other subjects can be used as tools to support the  

                                                                            learning. For example, Art may not be the focus but some of the English or History learning can be approached

                                                                            through Art.

Science continues to be taught in termly blocks with a set focus across each year group. We strive to make cross curricular links wherever possible to support the embedding of knowledge in a range of contexts.

English and Mathematics are ongoing throughout the year. There is a balance across the areas of Mathematics but a focus on the particular needs of the children in the class. In English, fiction and non-fiction are taught across each term. There is a focus on basic literacy skills in Key Stage 1.

PE continues to be timetabled due the need to share space and resources. Each class has an indoor Hall time and outdoor time slot and Foundation Stage through to Year 2 deliver the Leap into Life Programme for PE.

ICT is an integral tool for learning. This is a coaching approach and supports ICT learning for all pupils and staff. Jill Ward, eLearning Leading Teacher, supports the delivery of ICT in class and to groups in the i-Zone, Media Centre and Film and TV Studio







Other ‘resources’ include our catering team, who support the children in their learning to develop healthy approaches to food. This is an area for continued development.

The Wider Curriculum:

Here at Shiphay Learning Academy, we believe in offering children a plethora of opportunities to shine and develop as an individual. We offer a wide range of after school clubs, lunch time clubs and opportunities at various points throughout the year. These include, sports, the arts, ICT, academic opportunities and modern foreign languages.

Pupil Voice:

Our pupils are at the heart of our Academy; we are here to serve them and their families. With this in mind, we have developed forums where pupils can contribute to the decisions made in the Academy. These include, Class Councils, School Pupil Council, Eco-Council and SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group).

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