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We offer our children a range of extra curricular clubs after school. This term we run:


Netball on Mondays

Tennis on Mondays

Cricket on Tuesdays

Football on Wednesdays and Thursdays


If your child would like to join a club, please check the Letterbox to find out more.

Summer term clubs

Shiphay Learning Academy are taking part in the sports initiative The Golden Mile. Our children are enjoying competing against each class to run the most miles by the end of term.

In PE the children are experiencing English country folk dancing, practising a range of gymnastic skills and learning the skills of striking and fielding in cricket and rounders.

Year 2 have been exploring Peruvian dance in preparation for our Celebration of the theme 'The World United.'

Year 3 are practising and playing cricket.

Year 4 are encompassing the strategy skills they've learned this year in a range of invasion games like netball and dodgeball.

Year 5 have been organising cricket games not only playing but officiating too.

Year 6 have been co-learning with Torquay Boys Grammar school about leadership and sportmanship skills.  They have been playing a range of ball games and agility exercises.

IMG_8205 IMG_2559 IMG_3432 IMG_0192


Some of our Year 3 and 4 children have learned how to ride safely on the roads with adults and have passed their Bikeability certification.

bikeability golden IMG_0027 IMG_6066 IMG_6066