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Foundation Stage's Fantastic Christmas Performance and the Princess Theatre


Autumn Term Learning in Action

Being active and healthy is an important part of school life.  Here are our nimble Year 2s.

Our Parent Group have been making Story Sacks for the children

Year 6 have had the opportunity to try fencing

IMG_2124 Robotics day 6

Review of the Year Film 2017 Pt 2

Review of the Year Film 2017 Pt 1

YR Fencing Y6 PE Y2 Shape

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We are planning to open tomorrow, Tuesday 20th March

iPads PArents MacBeth Y2 Y6 teaching Christmas

One of the ways technology helps our learning is with composing music electronically

Shakespeare Club worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and  performed MacBeth in Kents Cavern.  They were amazing!

Year 2 learn about fire safety with our friends in teh fire brigade.  safety clothing is heavy to wear but very important

Y4 maths

Year 4's are articulating their knowledge of subtraction to ensure they understand it