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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.


By sla13, Jul 22 2019 10:00AM

This is my final blog as Headteacher at Shiphay and I had the most fantastic final week with the children, full of fun, celebration and a few tears.

I wish to thank all parents, carers and families for their support over the past 23 years and to reflect that I am enormously proud of all that we have achieved together. Shiphay is an extraordinary school full of etraordinary pupils and staff. To attain outstanding status is a real accolade but to hold that designation for 12 years is something else.

Only tremendous hard work, positive attitudes and high aspiration keeps a school performing so well and I wish Kate Lee and her team every success in continuing the legacy.



Last week in Foundation Stage, the boys and girls enjoyed a 'Summer holiday' theme. Thinking about the different ways of travelling in the summer, the boys and girls enjoyed lots of transport-related activities. They had a go at making their own forms of transport, which involved lots of careful planning and creative thinking; there were cars, trains, boats and aeroplanes and they all looked excellent! The children shared their past experiences of holidays and visits to the beach and enjoyed looking through holiday brochures. They demonstrated their fantastic cutting skills, by choosing which holiday they liked the look of, cutting it out and sticking it on their 'holiday collage'. The role play area was transformed into an aeroplane and the children were very imaginative when on the plane. The pilots looked very smart in their suits and the passengers designed their own tickets and passports, ready for take off! The boys and girls drew what they thought they would need to take on holiday, thinking carefully about what the weather would be like at their destination; they packed their suitcases and off they went.

The Foundation Stage children gave a great contribution to the Summer Celebration Garden Party. The homemade cakes looked fantastic and the performances on the field were even more spectacular. The week was topped off with decorating biscuits and a celebratory ice lolly! What a lovely way to end a busy year.

The children in Year 1 enjoyed meeting their new Year 2 teachers and TAs last week and they spent time getting to know one another, finding out the routines of the day and seeing where key areas are, such as the children's entrance, toilets and cloakrooms. The children returned to Year 1 enthused about their new class teachers and what lies ahead in September. During the rest of the week, the girls and boys worked collaboratively, learning their 'Goodbye Poem' and songs in preparation to sing at the Garden Party. In Maths, the children investigated mass and balancing using the bucket balances. They explored how many cubes, Numicon and beads are needed to get the buckets of classroom objects to balance equally. The Summer theme continued at the creative table as the children made seaside collages using sand and paper.

Celebration Assembly enabled the girls and boys to shine by receiving their Children's University Passport Certificates for their contributions to learning outside of school.

Well done, everyone for a positive and successful year!


Last week in Year 2, the boys and girls were super enough to have shown they were Core Value Champions and used their Sparkling Gems right up until the last day of term.

At the beginning of the week, the children were thinking about their topic learning, Living Things and their Habitats. They explored the acronym MRS GREN to help work out if something was living, dead or never alive. They were great at explaining how they knew which categories each item would be in. They looked at various different habitats and learnt about what was needed in order for animals to thrive in different areas of our world. They watched videos of some habitats and drew pictures to explain what they had learnt. At the end of the week the children finished their very last day in Year 2 with a huge 'au revoir' by sharing all their fondest memories from the year.

In Year 3, the children enjoyed practising their song for the afternoon tea party and wish Ms Gill all the best for her future adventures.

They have also met their new teacher and had some very exciting getting to know you activities with them. Those children that came to Monday's Open Evening also liked showing their new classroom to their families and introducing them to their new teachers.

Kingfisher and Robin have loved their last week in Year 3, playing classroom and physical games, completing arts and crafts, and having the opportunity to ask quetions about their transition to Year 4.

The children in Year 4 enjoyed preparing their work and classroom for the Open Evening on Monday. They were all very excited and confident to share and show off their hard work. Well done Year 4, you made the classrooms look great!

The children worked very hard to improve their singing for both Wednesday's afternoon tea party and Friday's End of Year Assembly. They also worked hard when rehearsing their cheer leading performance for Ms Gill.

On Thursday, the boys and girls showed amazing Core Values whilst taking part and listening to a 'This is Your Life' tribute to Miss Drew. She will be dearly missed and the children took full advantage of this opportunity to show her just how much!


Last week, Year 5 transformed their Beowulf inspired stories into animations using the app Garage Band and Clips. They created their own music and finally presented their animations in our very own Year 5 cinema. During Maths, Year 5 developed their understanding of squared numbers and looked at patterns in number problems. In Music, Year 5 practised their song for M Gill's celebration tea party and created an accompanying dance routine. In addition to this, Year 5 also learnt new songs for the Au Revoir assembly on Friday. As part of Science, Year 5 completed their learning on the life cycle by planting seeds and also learnt about the changes in the human life cycle with a particular focus on the changes that happen during puberty.

After rehearsing all day, Year 6 performed a special play and a number of songs that they had written themselves as part of their Leavers' Assembly on Monday night. On Tuesday, Year 6 practised their poem, A World United, and accompanying performances ready to be performed on Wednesday as part of Ms Gill's afternoon celebration tea party. Inspired by the opening sequence to the film, ‘The Greatest Showman’, every pupil in Year 6 wrote a poem exploring how Art transcends all boundaries and unites us all. A group of Year 6s then edited all the poems together and wrote one poem. During the poem, groups of Year 6s performed snapshots of traditional dances and music from around the world, celebrating difference and diversity in a global circus ring. On Thursday, during SRE, Year 6 explored the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up and relationships. As part of this, Year 6 learnt about human reproduction in the context of the human life cycle. On Friday there wasn't a dry eye in the school as the Year 6s said their final goodbyes before moving on to Secondary School. After school, the majority of the Year 6s drove around the town in limos before attending the end of the year pool party.

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