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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.


By sla13, Oct 15 2017 08:00PM

We had yet another great week of Christmas performances. On Thursday we had a two fantastic Carol Concerts featuring Rock Around the Flock at St John's Church and everyone agreed that the children's performance was so accomplished. Friday saw the Year 1 and Year 2 Carol Singers singing up a storm in the playground to delighted family members. What a superb end to our Christmas concert season.

News from The Teams

Lower School: - Last week, The Nursery children were really getting into the Christmas spirit! In the Role Play area, the boys and girls put on a Christmas hat and set to work in Santa’s Workshop. They worked together to design toys, wrap the presents and deliver them to friends. The children had great success making their own paper chains; it was a big challenge and very fiddly! The boys, girls and adults were so proud of the end result - the Nursery is now decorated beautifully. In the Maths area, the children used a tally chart to find out what each of their friends would like for Christmas. The findings were discussed and the children found that more children would like a bike and fewer children wanted a doll. The boys and girls also enjoyed singing lots of Christmas songs last week, Jingle Bells being a particular favourite!

In Reception, the children were busy thinking about complex patterns. They looked closely at patterns at Christmas time, including lights on the tree, coloured presents and patterns on wrapping paper. The children also enjoyed lots of tree-themed activities, focusing on our Christmas Tree traditions. They made and decorated playdough Christmas trees, using jewels as sparkling Christmas lights; they used mark-making tools to decorate their trees on big paper and used chalks on the playground to put their own lights and decorations on large Christmas trees. The boys and girls also enthusiastically constructed trees using wooden blocks and they made patterned baubles to take home to decorate their own Christmas tree with. Lastly, the children independently wrote their Christmas lists to Santa, using their letter sounds to write down what they would like to receive on Christmas day!

In Year 1, the children were very busy in their Literacy sessions. They independently wrote their own version of the story 'Mouse's Christmas Wish', changing elements such as the character or setting. Some super writing skills were demonstrated and celebrated across the year group. In Maths, the children worked hard on some Christmas inspired Maths, involving addition, subtraction, 1 more and 1 less. They used a range of tools to support their learning and found a range of different ways to record their Maths accurately. The week concluded with a fantastic Carol Singing performance on the playground by the Year 1 and 2 children. The boys and girls were wrapped up well in their coats, scarves and hats and they wowed their families with their fabulous singing!

Middle School: - Last week in Year 2, the children all wrote their fabulous stories based around the main character of the humpback whale, and they all enjoyed listening to the range of problems that he came across on his journey. They created a Christingle and discussed the significance of these for Christians and then planned and wrote clear instructions for others to follow. In Maths, the children began using images and number sentences to tell their own number stories. They talked lots about the meaning of vocabulary and explored using this to explain how they found the answer when solving a mathematical problem. On Friday, the children were delighted to share their Carols on the playground with all of you and the adults in school were all very proud of their beautiful performance.

Year 3 had a successful week, with lots of progress being made in planning their non-chronological reports on different kinds of whales. The children wrote their introductions, diet and location paragraphs. They also took their initial sentences and improved them, creating compound sentences using coordinating conjunctions as well as using subordinating conjunctions and fronted adverbials. In Maths, children practised their 2,4,5,8 and 10 multiplication tables and solved missing number problems. Year 3 also enjoyed many creative elements during the week, with children continuing to design their calendars and start their Christmas cards. The highlight of the week for the children was the Christmas performances at St John's Church. Year 3 children were keen to do well, as it was their first year, and we were all proud of the effort they put in. The enthusiasm and feedback from the children has been wonderful.

Year 4 also performed well at the church and were so determined to sing their songs with great expression. The children continued to work on their calendars, using the Chromebooks and Google Drawings, and are now working at quite a pace, supporting each other with some of the trickier elements. To complete the term, the children need to create a story to show off their learning in writing. In preparation for this, the children used pirate images, from their poetry writing, as a stimulus to plan their stories. They are now ready to write these next week. In Maths, the children completed a series of activities that enabled them to show off their learning from across the whole term. This included applying their knowledge to solve problems in Number, Additive Reasoning and Multiplicative Reasoning; they like to reflect and discuss the progress they have made and also set themselves some next steps in learning.

Upper School: - Last week, Year 5 continued with their work on Macbeth. The children have all written a newspaper report on the death of King Duncan and began to write it up on their iPads. In Maths, the children continued with their work on division specifically looking at remainders and word problems. The tasks took a lot of stickability, but throughout, the children showed great growth mindset enabling them to achieve. In other areas of the curriculum, the children have been using their creativeness core value to make calendars and Christmas or greeting cards. The children used a range of media to create these and the end result was fantastic!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Year 5 were busy rehearsing in the church. On Thursday, all of the rehearsals paid off as the children gave two incredible performances in church.

Last week during Literacy Year 6 edited and improved their letters from Macbeth to Lady Macbeth recounting the witches prophecy. Both Mrs Gorman's and Mrs Lee's maths group were working with division words problems and making decisions regarding whether a remainder should be round up or round down according to the context of the word problem. In addition to this, Mrs Lee's maths class were solving a Christmas- themed murder mystery shape quiz.

On Monday, Year 6 continued to work with students from TBG on a range of ball-skills activities during outdoor PE. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Year 6 were busy rehearsing in the church. On Thursday, all the children's hard work paid off as they sang like a chorus of heavenly angles at the Christmas carol concert in the church.

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