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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.


By sla13, Jul 22 2018 09:00PM

Welcome Back Everyone! It is lovely to see all the children back to school and despite all the building works going on around us, they have settled so well into their new classes. We welcome our new teacher, Miss Langman who is teaching in Year 3 and a welcome back from her travels to Miss Butcher who is now teaching in Year 2. A great big WELCOME to all our new children in Reception, Nursery and in other year groups. They have all settled in so well and we are so delighted to have them all jin our Academy.

Our huge building project is progressing apace and our Hall is now habitable, if not yet finished and the Hall roof is now finished. The main corridor has a temporary roof and won't be finished for a couple of weeks yet and our refurbished Year 4 classrooms are beginning to take shape. We envisage that the project will finish around half term and all the mess and inconvenience will be worth the wait.

News from The Teams:

Lower School: - We are so proud of the way our Lower School children settled so positively into their new learning environments last week, with the support of the fantastic Lower School Team Teachers and Teaching Assistants. Remember to follow us on Twitter, where the staff regularly post pictures of the children learning and playing together.

In Nursery, the staff welcomed several new children into the group and these boys and girls have already formed some lovely friendships. The children painted some fantastic self-portraits; they used the mirrors to look carefully at their faces and help identify which colours they needed to use. The children explored their new outside kitchen area and mixed the sand and water to create some very interesting concoctions! Creativity was key on the veranda last week, where the children used the junk modelling materials to make a range of models including people, animals and telescopes. What a busy first week at Nursery!

Our new Reception children were busy exploring and settling into their new classrooms last week. They all looked so smart in their uniforms and were happy to see their friends and to make new friends too! They joined in with counting songs and nursery rhymes and listened carefully to the story, Topsy and Tim Start School. The boys and girls created their own portraits in lots of different ways, using paint, technology and playdough. They enjoyed taking part in physical games using balls, hoops and the large parachute. What a fantastic start to their Reception year!

Last week was also a fabulous week for Year 1. The children were so sensible and positive in their first few days of school and were very happy to see each other after the long summer break. They took part in lots of creative activities, including self-portrait painting, dandelion finger printing, chalk writing and wonderful Dragonfly and Ladybird models and prints for the Class Charter. The boys and girls enjoyed playing lots of games, including a scavenger hunt to discover all the areas in their new learning environment and they also took part in Circle Time games to share their news from the holidays. A super start to the term!

Middle School: - Last week the children in Year 2 were very busy researching their class names, Avocet and Heron. They found lots of interesting facts and looked in detail at the pictures of the two birds. They then had a go at drawing an Avocet or a Heron using charcoal sticks, adding as much detail as possible. Later in the week the children recapped on the importance of E-safety by watching various videos of Hectors World, they all showed a very good understanding of why it is essential to stay safe when online. Each day the children completed the Golden Mile by running laps of the field.

The children in Year 3 have settled into their new classrooms and shown what great Sparkling Learning Power they have! In PE, the children enjoyed a range of problem-solving activities and were tasked to solve each problem in a different way. Throughout the week, the children also completed the Golden Mile and the competition, which class can run the most miles, has commenced! In Art, Year 3 have shown just how creative they are and drew a pencil drawing of themselves. Each child looked carefully in a mirror to spot all their lovely features. What fantastic Creative Connie’s we have in Year 3! In Computing, the children were excited to research their class heritage and created a fact file on Book Creator.

Year 4 have settled well into their temporary classrooms and have enjoyed familiarising themselves with all the changes to the school site. They commenced their learning with some self-portraits, first as sketches and then as painted pieces.

Year 4 have begun to discuss their rights and responsibilities as pupils of Shiphay Learning Academy and worked collaboratively to produce an extensive list of initial ideas. They also explored a range of brain-breaks and took part in running a Golden Mile each day.

Upper School: - The Autumn term kicked off to a fantastic flying start with all the children rising to the new and exciting challenges that being in Upper School brings. As part of Welcome Week, all the children were 'striking a pose' for their 'affirmation of the self' photographs, and they set themselves aspirational goals with their 'three cans and one can't yet!' for the year. With 'Reading for Pleasure' as a focus for the year, all the children in Upper School completed their Star Reading Assessment ready to continue with Accelerated Reader.

Year 5 wrote their own BFG inspired Dream Jars and created beautiful watercolour paintings to accompany their descriptive dream writing. Throughout the week, Year 5 have been taking part in Inspirational Maths, requiring them to work in teams to solve mathematical puzzles and present their findings to the class. Year 5 have also enjoyed posing for their affirmations of self-portraits and beginning their Andy Warhol inspired self-portraits.

Using Kit Wright's poem, 'The Magic Box', as inspiration, Year 6 showed off their figurative language skills as they wrote their own extended version of the poem exploring what they would put in their box or jar of dreams. Each day, Year 6 have developed their reasoning and problem-solving skills by completing an activity from the 'Inspirational Week of Maths'. On Friday, Year 6 participated in a very powerful 'Virtual Reality' play and workshop. Working with the talented Paul Stevens, Year 6 explored how to use technological devices responsibly and keep themselves safe online.

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