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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.


By sla13, Dec 2 2018 02:00PM

The sound of carols and Christmas songs has been echoing around the school, to everyone's delight. Wednesday of this week will be the culmination of all the rehearsing for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will be performing their Christmas Nativity and Carols at the Princess Theatre. It will be a special moment and we hope to see many of you there. Tickets are free and available online at

News from The Teams:

Lower School: - Last week across the Foundation Stage, the children were budding Scientists, enjoying a week of Science experiments. In Nursery, this included liquids changing colour, sinking and floating oranges, smelling pots, liquid layers and ‘dancing’ raisins! The boys and girls made predictions with each experiment, which sparked lots of discussion; it was great to see the children sharing their ideas and thoughts with each other. In Reception, as part of their Science Week, the children focused on light and colour. They used torches to make a white light and used different coloured pieces of cellophane to change the colour of the light. The children extended their learning, by putting two different coloured pieces of cellophane together, to see what happened when the colours mixed. The boys and girls also explored how light creates shadow and they thought carefully about how to use their hands to make different shadow animals. It was wonderful to see the shadow puppet show that they created! The focus for Maths in Nursery was number recognition and counting skills, matching the correct amount of objects with a given numeral. In Reception, the children enjoyed the story 'Ten Black Dots' by Donald Crews, who shows that, by using just black dots alone, you can make some really creative pictures. The children used black dots to come up with their own creations, both on paper and using the CTouch screen. The boys and girls enjoyed making and decorating Advent baubles ready to be hung in their classrooms for the lead up to Christmas. Throughout Foundation Stage, rehearsals for the Nativity continued to go well, with the children learning the words to the songs and singing enthusiastically. The boys and girls were also busy being creative making their headbands and are looking forward to showing them off at the Nativity!

In Year 1, the children continued exploring subtraction, this time using a zero to ten number line. They practised starting on the whole number and subtracting one part to leave the remaining part. The children particularly enjoyed investigating which calculations give an answer of 4 and they demonstrated great persistence and aspiration in their investigtions. In Literacy, the children wrote a three part version of the Julia Donaldson story, Stick Man; they used the text's sentence structures to scaffold and develop their own writing, with some fabulous results! Our budding Year 1 artists began to create a beautiful calendar for their families and they are already looking forward to taking these home at the end of term. Throughout the week, the boys and girls had plenty of opportunities to practise their fantastic carol singing with the children in Year 2, in preparation for their performance alongside Foundation Stage at the Princess Theatre on Wednesday 5th December; we are all very excited!

Middle School: - Last week in Year 2, the children shared their knowledge of addition and subtraction and all completed a range of tasks independently, using drawing tools and their amazing Maths knowledge.

In English, they continued to build upon their comprehension skills and began completing book reviews to share how they rated a book they had been reading. They have all begun planning their own stories and the adults were 'wowed' by their creativity. The children loved watching some short, festive video clips and discussing wintery images and they can't wait to watch more in the coming weeks.

In Science, Year 2 have completed a show what you've learnt task, sharing their knowledge of animals, including humans.

They are all incredibly excited about their performance on Wednesday and they look forward to sharing their hard work with all of you.

In Year 3, the children learnt about different ways to show multiplication facts, for example through repeated addition, bar tools and even creating their own word problems.

In English, the children took part in a ‘Let’s think in English’ lesson which uses pictures to create discussions, their imaginations were let loose and what fantastic ideas they had. They have also had a focus on grammar and how conjunctions can be used to create more interesting sentences.

In Science, the children experimented with different shapes and sizes of magnets to establish which was the strongest. They did this by trying to make a paper clip hover under each magnet and observed how many paper clips could hang off a magnet.

In RE, the children explored places of worship and continued to put maximum effort into their rehearsals of Christmas carols in anticipation of the upcoming concert.

Year 4 were busy learning about Advent and how it is a time of preparation for Christians. The children enjoyed creating their piece of a whole class Advent calendar which is on display.

They continued to rehearse singing some carols for the upcoming carol concert and were doing a phenomenal job of remembering the lyrics and tune to each song.

Last week in English, they drafted their own poems about a character of their choice, using the 'How to be a Pirate' poem as their model. Earlier in the week, the children had created a poem as a whole class shared writing project, looking at key features and producing a success criteria of what makes a great poem.

In Maths, the children concluded their current work based on addition and subtraction and showed Topaz Learning Power when they worked out and explained their calculation methods with partners, in small groups and as a whole class. Well done year 4!

Upper School: - Last week, Year 5 wrote descriptive settings based on ‘The Highwayman’, using semi-colons, similes and metaphors. They also finished composing their Highwayman music using the app, Garage band. In Maths, Year 5 were finding factors and common factors of 2 digit and 3 digit numbers, as well as solving factor number problems. In Science, Elm class created potato plastic to investigate economic materials. They also wrote instructions for making potato plastic to share with other year groups. Chestnut class were looking at fat molecules and how they change in milk to form butter. In R.E, Year 5 were learning about the liturgical year, also known as the Church Year in the Christian faith.

On Wednesday 6 Year 5s and 6 Year 6s represented Shiphay in the Riveria Education Trust Cross Country. Despite the torrential rain, Shiphay came overall 1st in the competition.

During Literacy, Year 6 returned to their Dartmoor Mystery Stories and used expanded noun phrases to write descriptions of Dartmoor to create atmosphere and tension. In addition to this, they used expanded noun phrases to write haunting descriptions of their own 'Beast of Dartmoor'. During maths, Year 6 developed their multiplicative reasoning skills as they multiplied multi-digit numbers up to 4-digits by 2-digits whole numbers using the formal written method of compact multiplication. In addition to this, Year 6 explored negative numbers in a context. Starting a new Science theme: Humans including Animals, Year 6 explored the structure and function of the human heart before creating their own heart sculpture out of paper. With Christmas just around the corner, Year 6 started to design their annual calendars. Braving the weather, during outdoor PE, Year 6 completed the Golden Mile.

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