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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.

By sla13, Jul 22 2018 09:00PM

We are almost at the end of term and the last time we shall all meet together as a stand-alone Academy. From September, we shall be a member of the Riviera Education Trust and part of a larger family of schools.

We look forward to an exciting future working with Oldway Primary and Roselands Primary, sharing our creativeness and skills together.

I would like to thank all of our parents and carers for their support over the past year and wish you all a super summer holiday. This blog will be back in September.

News from The Teams:

Lower School: - Last week in the Nursery, the children enjoyed lots of Summer themed activities. The story of the week was The Snail and the Whale by Jule Donaldson; the children were very creative, drawing their own adventures for the snail. Outside, the children were challenged to make their own boats using junk modelling materials; it was very tricky to ensure they floated in the water! The boys and girls opened their own Ice Cream Parlour, using shaving foam to scoop and serve to the customers. In group times, the children discussed the signs of Summer; they shared their experiences of Summer holidays and commented on changes in the environment. As the Nursery sunflower grows bigger each day, the boys and girls enjoyed observing it closely and painting their own sunflowers, using lentils as the sunflower seeds.

In Reception, the children spent time reflecting on their past year in their Reception classes. It was great for the children to look at videos and photographs to remind themselves of all the fun and great learning they have experienced throughout the year; they have been so busy! The children continued to focus on sea creatures and thought even more about the impact that plastic is having on the oceans and their environments. The girls and boys were really aspirational in thinking of ways to show their awareness. They wrote speech bubbles about what the sea animals might say and they also created their own collage pictures and hats, thinking about different colours and textures. The children also demonstrated their creative writing skills, by writing their own Mermaid and Pirate stories. In Maths, the children were challenged to ask each other relevant and focused questions in order to work out the hidden number. They also focused on 2D and 3D shapes; they described shapes by their properties and explored repeating patterns, incorporating shapes into their patterns. It was lovely for some of the Nursery children to visit Reception and join in with some of their activities; they particularly enjoyed cooling off with some water play, writing postcards and creating their own digital seaside art on the CTouch.

In Year One, the children continued their learning about Summer with a focus on the Seaside. They listened to the story of The Rainbow Fish, then had a go at retelling the story during independent writing activities. They engaged in a range of activities, including creating their own ‘Under the Sea’ story books using pictures to inspire them, ‘Under the Sea’ word searches, creating mermaids with spiral tails, starfish finger puppets and exploring a sandy shore in the Tuff Spot. In Maths, the children have been consolidating their learning on place value and number through a range of independent challenges. They had to find ways to make each side of a triangle add up to the same total and select the correct calculations to complete the number sentences. They also enjoyed exploring numbers above one hundred using a shark game on the Ctouch. The children were very aspirational reciting numbers to 10 in French, naming some French colours and learning the French version of Two Little Dickie Birds: their names are Fifi and Blanche! The children also looked back at their time in Year One, sharing their memories and discussing how much they have grown and developed; the boys are girls are definitely ready for the transition into Year Two!

Middle School: - Last week the children in Year 2 carried out a final maths challenge where they answered questions that covered everything that they have learnt in the last term. They all showed real stickability when tackling some of the problems and tried their hardest to shine and show the adults what they could do.

English was all about finishing off their fantastic stories that they created, just by choosing a picture stimulus they liked the look of. They spent a long time planning what they wanted to write and again showed the adults lots of skills they have learnt in Year 2. Their stories made good use of different sentence types, adjectives, commas and conjunctions - a super effort by all to write such creative stories!

The children carried on learning all about materials in Science. They learnt and used scientific language such as solid, liquid and gas, transparent, opaque and many other words. Things got very competitive one afternoon when taking part in a team quiz all about materials! Not only did they show their great science knowledge, but they also created very creative team names too!

Year 3 were very creative in drawing their own Sand Fairy after being introduced to the story Five Children and it. They were very inventive with the wishes that they would ask for too. The children showed great collaboration, sharing ideas and wishes with one another.

There was a focus on the Year 3/4 spelling list week. After their hard work throughout the year, many children are now able to correctly spell words from the list and use them in their own sentences. They had fun when they made silly sentences with their spellings.

After a recent Maths check, the children took the time reflect on their answers. They discussed and worked through trickier problems and helped each other out of the learning pit. Their early morning tasks have focused strong on problem solving. It is clear that they love a problem to solve.

Year 3 continued their focus on safety last week, specifically Beach Safety. They were able to research safety related to the sea and the sun. They put their knowledge to the test with a 20 question quiz. All quiz teams did an amazing job. Well done!

Year 4 enjoyed an extremely busy week. Open Evening was enjoyed by many and the children were clearly proud to show off their learning. On Wednesday, all of the children worked together to create some new games as part of their PE learning. They were very creative and came up with ideas that were very innovative. There was great teamwork and Contribution shown too; even the adults were worn out by the end of the session! In Maths, the children learnt about area and perimeter and completed a number of related challenges. They also completed a Maths booklet that allowed them to showcase their learning from across the Maths curriculum. On Friday, the children watched Shakespeare Club perform Macbeth and, even though they didn't fully understand the whole story, they were very impressed with the drama and acting on display. Some of the children are definitely keen to take part next year and they are all looking forward to studying Macbeth next term. Throughout the week, there also a healthy competition between the Year 4 classes to complete the most laps for the Golden Mile. Skylark managed to shake off Woodpecker towards the end of the week and were the eventual winners. The children are looking forward to continuing this great initiative next year.

Upper School: - Last week, Year 5 wrote their own Haiku poems using powerful verbs and adjective. Miss Bancroft’s Maths class were using their verbal reasoning skills to help explain their thinking behind a range of challenging numbers problems. Mrs Kennedy’s Maths class were revising multiplication facts and column addition. In P.E, Year 5 perfected their fielding skills in cricket. In science, Year 5 created their own electrical circuits. Year 5 also enjoyed watching the Shakespeare and Performing Arts performances.

Last week, Year 6 performed the play and two songs they had written as part of the Leavers' Assembly on Monday night. There wasn't a dry eye in the house after they had sung 'A Million Dreams'. On Tuesday, Year 6 learnt all about relationships as part of SRE. To celebrate all their fantastic achievements in Writing Groups, Year 6 had a mini picnic and invented their own board games. Friday was Contribution Lunch. Year 6 enjoyed a pizza feast and an extra long playtime on the field. Continuing the celebrations into the afternoon, Year 6 got to chose between an activities room and a film room and enjoyed popcorn and some sweet treats as a reward for all their contribution to the school as Peer Mediators, Reading Buddies, Nursery Buddies, Digital Leaders and Eco Councilors.

Elaine 2 Football Champs Reading with Siblings Hot Seat Girls winning team 2015 Red Nose Day Boreatton12 Children in Need.png-large Poetry Slam 001 Rocket Car 1 Nursery IMG_4023 (1) Bedtime stories.jpg_large Y3 Open afternoon Snow Day 2