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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.

By sla13, Jun 11 2017 06:00AM

What a fantastic Summer Extravaganza that was on Friday! Enormous thanks to Amanda and Louise for their hard work in organising the event and to so many parents and staff who gave so generously of their time setting up, running stalls and clearing up afterwards. The atmosphere was as warm as the weather and definitely a grand new event in our calendar.

News from the Teams:

Last week in Lower School, the Nursery children enjoyed the book 'The Mini Adventures of Freddie'. In the book, Freddie encounters some First Aid situations and becomes a hero when he looks after his Mummy when she has a fall. The children were very interested and animated by the story and learnt how important it is to know their address and which number to call in an emergency. The boys and girls made the most of the sunshine played enthusiastically in the outside area and garden. The children made their own ‘gloop’, mixing the water with cornflour; some wonderful vocabulary could be heard describing the different textures they made. The boys and girls also enjoyed making their 'Father's Day' cards for Sunday and they talked fondly about their Dads and their families. The week ended with the excitement of the Summer Extravaganza on Friday afternoon; the children couldn't wait for it to begin!

In Reception the children continued our ‘Keeping Healthy’ learning theme. Their special book was ‘Eat Your Greens, Goldilocks’ by Steve Smallman. The children found out about the importance of a good breakfast and made porridge to share at café time. The boys and girls made a collage of fruit and vegetables to show how we can eat a rainbow of colours and they painted some fantastic fruit and vegetables, carefully thinking about the colours and shapes needed. The children took part in lots of reading activities and learnt about different strategies to support reading new words. In Maths, they explained how to calculate subtraction number sentences, choosing different methods to solve the number problems and they drew their own subtraction number stories in their independent learning. They worked hard at their number writing and learnt rhymes to support their number formation. The Nursery are joining Reception for an assembly each week this term; last week the theme was keeping active, taking part in sports and having a go. The children enjoyed the new Supertato story about organising a Sports Day!

The children in Year 1 were aspirational Readers, putting all of the phonic sounds they have learnt over the last 2 years into practise when undertaking the Phonics Screening Check. The Year 1 teachers were very proud of the children, as they all tried their very best and demonstrated great positive attitudes and aspiration when reading the words. Back in the classroom, the girls and boys were very creative designing and making Father’s Day cards to surprise their loved ones on Father’s Day! They were also budding Physicians, learning all about the main parts of the human body, such as the heart, brain, lungs, stomach, skeleton and muscles.

Last week in Middle School, the children in Year 2 continued to work hard in their Maths learning last week looking at reading and drawing the time on an analogue clock. They have grown in confidence over the two weeks and all children are beginning to convince us that they can tell the time to the nearest five minutes alongside solving word problems. We have been impressed with the children's incredible 'stickability' in Mathematics, well done!

In our English learning we focused on the grammatical formation of a sentence which included: understanding each component of a sentence, using the correct punctuation for each sentence type and using adverbs to add further detail for our readers.

Year 2 continued their new topic in Science this term, 'Living Things and Habitats'. They undertook a Science investigation planting cress and bean seeds in different conditions. The children were able to use fantastic reasoning skills to predict which seed will grow the tallest in each condition: compost, sand and cotton wool. They also proved to understand how to keep an investigation a fair test by ensuring we had the same amount of soil, same size pot, same amount of seeds and keeping the seeds moist.

In PE, the children began to prepare for Sports Day by practising a range of diverse skills. They particularly enjoyed the 'relay' race and passing the baton onto the next person.

In Computing, the children were able to develop their Great Fire of London game on Sketch Nation and also see how their algorithms work by learning about codes. They used their iPad skills to navigate their way onto 'hour of code' which provided them with a wealth of games to explore.

Year 3 had a very busy week. In literacy, the children were introduced to the book ‘Winter’s Child’ by Angela McAllister. This might seem a strange book to cover at this time of year, however, the children will be looking at the structure and style of this book to create their own entitled ‘Summer’s Child’. They focused on the use of prepositions to add detail of time and place. During Maths, Mr Richard’s group used their knowledge of division to find fractions of different quantities to solve word problems. Mrs Kennedy and Mr Walker’s group were using the column method to subtract a two digit number from a three digit number; exchanging tens into ones and hundreds into tens. In PE the children were practising for sports day. They focused on relay races, learning how to correctly pass and receive the baton.

Year 4 have continued preparing for their class Sammies film last week. Woodpecker's is based on their historical learning and Skylark are introducing their new Sparkling Learning Gem, that they have been creating as part of their Literacy learning. In Maths, the children have been beginning to revise and deepen their understanding of Statistics by not only creating their own graphs to show discrete and continuous data, but also looking at a wider range of representations. It is an area of Maths they seem to particularly enjoy. As part of their learning in Science, the children focused on the ear and how it hears sounds. They have also explored different shapes and sizes of cones to investigate which one helps us to hear even better. Swimming was back on the timetable last week and the children were very enthusiastic when talking about the progress they have made since their first school lesson; their confidence has grown enormously. The artist Paul Bennett continued to be the focus of their learning in Art, and the children are now beginning to create their class seascapes on canvas.

Last week in Upper School, Year 5 continued to write their WW2 diary entries. The children successfully used their plans to write the first draft of their work. Once complete began to edit and improve using success ladders to help them. In Maths, both classes were developing their knowledge of multiplication and division, through exploring fluency, reasoning and problem solving. In PE, the children continued to develop their batting and bowling skills in cricket.

In addition to this, both classes has a wonderful day at TA on Wednesday. All of the children took part in PE, Science, and Design and Technology, while Mr Newtons class had a fabulous Art lesson and Miss Farmers class showed off their DJ skills using Mac Books in Music.

Year 6's Literacy had a Science focus as the children completed their Healthy Living leaflet. In addition to this, both classes began to plan their class entry for the SAMMIES

In Maths, Mrs Lee's group further developed their understanding of geometry. Mrs Gorman's group combined all of their problem-solving skills to solve a series of 'Crimes against Maths'.

During outdoor PE, Year 6 practised the 'Tug of War' in an exciting series of friendly battles, and during indoor PE they used the 'big apparatus'.

On Thursday afternoon, they worked Ms Ward to develop their understanding of the different camera angles that can be used when filming.

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