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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.

By sla13, Apr 22 2018 09:00PM

We are all back and enjoying the Spring sunshine this week. It has been good to dust off the sun hats and sun glasses and the children have been having fun in the sun at playtimes. Long may it continue.

News from The Teams

Lower School: - The children in Lower School made a fabulous start to the Summer term, with some great learning happening in every year group. As part of the new theme ‘A World United’, Lower School will be focusing on England, so the children began by exploring ‘An English Country Garden’.

The Nursery girls and boys welcomed several new children into The Orchard. The new children settled well and enjoyed participating in the activities on offer to them. The Nursery had its very own Orchard Garden Centre, where the children filled pots with soil, planted flowers into the pots then sold them to the customers. The story of the week was ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’; after listening to the story, many of the children chose to make green paper chains to represent the beanstalk. They challenged themselves to make the ‘beanstalks’ as long as they could and they used a range of mathematical language, such as longer, shorter, same, different and length. The children often enjoy making and using tally charts; last week, they were keen to find out which flower is the favourite of children and staff. They used their tally charts to keep a record of favourite flowers from a given selection; they then counted their tally marks carefully to find out which is the most popular flower in the Nursery: it is the Tulip!

In Reception, the children engaged in a range of plant-related activities, including making paper daisy chains, role play in the ‘garden centre’ and making a large garden wall with boxes, using a spirit level to make sure it was level! On the veranda, the children created A3 paintings based on the book 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle. They explored different colours and textures, which resulted in fantastic artwork. The children were also enthusiastic Scientists, carrying out experiments involving plants. The boys and girls put celery sticks in food colouring to see if the celery would change colour over time and they observed the changes to their cress seeds in class. Each child also planted their own broad bean; they are looking forward to caring for their plants and watching them grow throughout the term. The children had clearly been busy over the Easter holiday; they enjoyed sharing their news with each other then wrote about their Easter adventures in their writing books. In Maths, the children engaged in a variety of activities to practise their estimation skills and they also challenged themselves by counting in patterns of 2s and 10s.

The children in Year One also settled back positively after their Easter Break and enjoyed some lovely Spring sunshine! They shared their holiday news with friends and then independently wrote a sequence of sentences about their favourite holiday activities. The children began their learning on English Country Gardens, by looking at flowers and plants that might grow in their own gardens. They learnt the names of some common English wildflowers and went down to the woodland area to see if they could find any. The children then made some lovely daisy chains using paper on the verandah and painted the different flowers they had found. The children found out what plants need to grow and discussed how their own pea seed had grown into a plant at home. They looked at how to give instructions for a task, starting each instruction with an imperative or 'bossy' verb. The girls and boys then wrote a series of instructions for planting a seed, remembering to put the instructions in the correct order. In Maths, the children investigated halving numbers and shapes. They explored these during independent activities and enjoyed challenging each other to find half of numbers up to 100.

Middle School: - Last week the children in Year 2 put their creativity to the test by writing their very own dragon stories. The results showed some lovely descriptive writing and amazing imaginative ideas, but also showed off the different conjunctions and different sentence types that the children have learnt.

In Maths, the children focused on using all of the different drawing tools that they need to use to be able to answer a range of calculations and challenged themsleve to use these skills independently.

The children in Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to Peru and even had a go at doing some traditional Peruvian dancing. They are very much looking forward to finding out more as the term goes on.

Year 3 have had a great start back to the summer term and are loving that the sun has finally arrived because this is allowing them to learn in the outdoors more.

In English this week, the children have begun a new writing sequence based

around the Michael Morpurgo story, Mimi and the Mountain Dragon. This has allowed them to explore heroes/heroines and monsters as story characters. They have also been building on their knowledge of simple story structures and looking at how these can be developed beyond the simple beginning, middle and end model. They have enjoyed creating their own stories and have been showing off their writing skills.

In Maths this week, the Year 3 mathematicians have started to get to grips with fractions. They have begun to add and subtract simple fractions as well as identify and write a fraction of an image or a number. They have also continued to rehearse their rapid recall of multiples of 4 and 8.

Robin have commenced their swimming lessons. They showed great listening skills whilst at the pool and thoroughly enjoyed their first lesson. Some of Year 3 also chose to take part in Bikeability (cycling scheme) on Thursday and were complimented on their skills and sitckability. Well done!

As it is St. George's Day on Monday, Year 3 have undertaken several activities related to St. George and have enjoyed hearing the story of how he slayed the dragon. I wonder if they can they share the story with you?

Year 4 had a very productive first week back. In Maths, they began a unit of learning about shape and the properties of 2D shapes in particular. They initially found some of the new vocabulary a real challenge but, through some outdoor learning and the making of a shape 'toolkit', their confidence to talk about shapes has really grown.

In English, the children continued their journey towards making a super non-fiction page about an invention. They could identify the features of the text and consider the next steps that they would need to take in order to create their own. These steps included using fronted adverbials to indicate how, when or where, an invention was made. The children also began to look at ways of expanding noun phrases in order to share the facts with their reader.

In DT, there was great excitement when the children began the preparation for making their toy a new top to wear. They had to practise different stitches and avoid pricking their fingers with the needle. These sessions were a great success and all the adults are looking forward to seeing the finished products - let's hope they all fit!

Upper School: - Last week, Year 5 identified the key features of a recount and learnt a recount from the short film, 'Flat Life', accompanied by actions. Miss Bancroft’s Maths group were solving number problems using their multiplication, division and rounding knowledge. Mrs Kennedy’s Maths group were learning about equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. In outdoor P.E, Year 5 learnt key throwing and catching skills, while in indoor PE Year 5 began to learn moves within Moroccan belly dance, with the aim of the children choreographing their own Moroccan dance at the end of the unit.

Last week, during Literacy and Writing Groups, Year 6 consolidated their understanding the key grammatical features of the English language, with a focus on word classes, and core spelling patterns. While working in Reading Groups, Year 6 developed their comprehension skills by studying extracts from fiction and non-fiction texts. During maths, Year 6 consolidated their understanding of the multiplicative nature of the number system and how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. In addition to this, Year 6 used their understanding of the relationship between decimals, fractions and percentages to solve problems within a context. During outdoor PE, Oak started to learn the core skills necessary for rounders, while Sycamore started athletic training.

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