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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.

By sla13, Jun 10 2018 08:00AM

We received the fantastic news last week that, after five years of bidding for a grant, this year's bid bid to the DfE was successfully and they would fully fund it to the tune of £350,000. It really is in a terrible state and we don't feel that it will last another year without us having to close sections of the school.

Now it is 'all hands to the pumps' and Mr Cossey, our Site Development Manager and I have been busy all week getting things underway.

Because of the significant damage to the fabric of the building, we are also having to renovate th Hall, main corridor and several classrooms and we look forward to a future without buckets!

News from The Teams

Lower School: - Last week, the children in the Nursery explored landscapes, countryside and cities and they also had a taste of poetry! The children enjoyed being creative all week: they studied pictures of different landscapes, then painted their own versions using different shades of colour. They also tried their hand at marble painting with some fantastic results. The outside area had a beach theme, complete with buckets and spades in the sand tray and fish, seaweed, stones and water in the Tuff Spot. The boys and girls used nets to catch the fish, but there were a few surprises hiding in the seaweed, such as sharks and whales! The boys and girls demonstrated great Aspiration with one of the Maths activities, using peg boards and coloured pegs to create their own patterns. At the Writing Area, the children had opportunities to write or mark make some descriptive words linked to the seaside, as a start to making their own group poem. The children thought of some fabulous ‘wow’ words to describe the seaside, proving that they are great poets in the making!

In Reception, the children began their week by writing about all the exciting experiences they had during their half term holiday. They demonstrated their knowledge of letter sounds and ‘tricky words’ in their writing. The boys and girls also focused on coasts and cities. They found out what they can see by the coast and also considered the types of buildings they would find in the city and how the two locations differ. The children began finding out about the World Cup and they found out in assembly how this will form part of their learning over the coming weeks. The children focused on their own sporting skills in PE, as they began practising for their Sports Day activities. In Maths, the boys and girls explored doubling and sharing amounts and they enjoyed using the playdough to carry out practical sharing activities.

The children in Year One continued with their learning about England, by finding out about the different animals that might live in our countryside and woodlands. They talked about the animals that can be seen at Paignton Zoo and animals they might have as pets and how they are different to the wild animals that live in our country. The children also learnt about different groups of animals such as mammals, reptiles and amphibians and they found out about the characteristics of these different groups, their habitats and what they like to eat. The children were very interested to learn that they are mammals, like badgers and squirrels! Year One were very aspirational with learning and using some new vocabulary as part of this theme. They learnt new words such as carnivore, herbivore, exo-skeleton and arachnid! The children found out some facts about hedgehogs and created some lovely spiky pictures. In Maths, the children reinforced their calculation skills and solved word problems using their ‘RUCSAC’ tools: Read, Understand, which Calculation, Solve, Answer, Check. They enjoyed collaborating and sharing their ideas to solve the problems. In their Literacy work, the children practised reading words using all their letter sound knowledge and were great phoneme spotters. Year One absolutely loved their Golden Mile challenge last week and tried hard to achieve higher lap scores than Year Two!

Middle School: - Last week in Year 2 the children were focused on their learning about Peru and on exercise! The children started to write their very own versions of ‘Walking Through the Jungle’ by Julie Lacome. They changed the jungle animals from the story to Peruvian animals and altered the different settings to famous landmarks in Peru. They can’t wait to finish them off and share them with other classes. Continuing the theme of Peru, the children started the process of completing their bright and colourful Peruvian headdresses ready for our dance performance. They also watched a short video clip all about the hidden city Machu Picchu, then plotted famous landmarks on a map of Peru.

Each day this week - and sometimes twice a day - Year 2 ran their Golden Mile running! Some of the children are quite competitive and try to beat their own lap score each time they try. This shows fantastic aspiration! Avocet also had their first taste of school swimming lessons at Oldway School. They were absolutely brilliant. It was lovely to do something so different, but so very important. All in all it was a great first week back after half term!

Year 3 had fun looking through photographs from Bellever and sharing their memories with one another. They then drafted a recount of their own experiences from the residential or from their half term holidays. THey have written some wonderful recounts and made good use of their writing skills to do this.

In Maths Year 3 learnt to calculate the perimeter of polygons and faced the challenge of counting in Roman Numerals. The children were very determined to crack Roman codes and enjoyed the challenge of Roman problem solving.

As a part of their Science learning, the children wrote instructions for how to grow a healthy lettuce/tomato plant. In PE, as well as completing their GOLDen Mile each day, the children practised throwing and catching skills this week. Can they teach you how to throw a controlled over arm catch at home?

Year 4's first week back after half term term was a very busy one. The children enjoyed challenging themselves by trying to improve the number of laps they could cover each day, while taking part in the Golden Mile. During ICT, the children created a short animation, using only beads, gems and nuts and bolts. They filmed their creations using the Ipads and the children were very proud of their work. The outcomes were truly aspirational. Each one that was created was unique and exciting to watch. Some children even incorporated music to really bring their animations to life. The children also completed their Japanese themed artwork by implementing all of their newly learnt techniques to create their final piece. The focus for their artwork was the rather 'sakura' (commonly known as the cherry blossom).

Division and problem solving was the theme in Maths this week. The children focused on developing their understanding of what each operation means and of the strategies that can be best applied to solving word problems. The children would all agree that 'bar modelling' was an important part in helping them to visualise the problems, enabling them to understand the problem and thus solve them. From this, they also worked on developing written methods.

Well done to the children who took part in the 'French taster day' at Churston Ferrers Grammar School. The children came back beaming and were excellent ambassadors for our Academy.

Upper School: - Last week, Year 5 wrote descriptive settings and wanted poster based on a Moroccan Fable and the main characters in the fable. Miss Bancroft’s Maths group were calculating the perimeter of compound shapes. Mrs Kennedy’s Maths group were revising tenths, hundredths and thousandths and learning to convert fractions to decimals and percentages. In outdoor PE, Year 5 began practising their athletic skills, focusing on running. Year 5 also started planning their class films for the SAMMIEs.

Last week Year 6 selected their best work for their writing portfolio and continued to research Australia. During maths, both Mrs Gorman's and Mrs Lee's group revisited calculation strategies and fractions.

Every day, Year 6 have run the 'Golden Mile', and on Monday, during outdoor PE, they started practising their athletic skills. On Friday, Year 6 participated in an 'Everday First Aid' workshop led by the British Red Cross.

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