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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.

By sla13, Oct 15 2017 08:00PM

I would like to pay tribute to our fantastic team of Teaching Assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants who provide such an essential level of support to pupils and their learning. They support children in class, in groups and individually as well as providing supervision at lunchtimes, staffing The Hub, attending trips and residential together with clubs and in so many other ways. It is so upsetting to see so many TAs and HLTAs losing their jobs across Torbay and nationally due to the funding crisis. We have lost six in the last year, due to natural wastage and we are unable to afford to replace them. I hope that parents understand what a loss this is for their children and what a difficult financial we, and all schools are in.

News from The Teams

Lower School: - the Nursery children continued to enjoy the Autumn and Harvest theme They were interested in describing the textures, colours and sizes of lots of Autumn objects at group time - they used lots of ‘Wow words’! The children also enjoyed pretending to harvest their own vegetables; the boys and girls enthusiastically used the tractors to help pull up the turnips, potatoes and carrots from the mud! The Enormous Turnip role play masks were also very popular; the children used story language to act out parts of the story in preparation for the Open Classroom Afternoon that is coming up. Some children also chose to be creative with Autumn objects, rolling conkers in paint to create colourful prints.

In Reception the children used all of their senses to explore the Autumn activities. They went on a woodland walk to spot Autumn colours and they enjoyed making scrunching and rustling sounds in the leaves. They recreated the Autumn leaves through their colour mixing activity, mixing powder paint to match the colours to the leaves. The boys and girls shaped clay, carefully using tools to replicate the patterns on the leaves. The girls and boys were able to talk about the Autumn walks they had been on with their families; thank you to Parents and Carers who added this information to their child’s Interactive Learning Diaries as part of their Home Learning. The children also started to learn songs to perform to their families for the forthcoming Open Classroom Afternoon. Finally, they wrote about what they could see during Autumn in their writing books.

In Year One, the children also continued their theme of Autumn, with a particular focus on trees. They walked around our school environment identifying trees; they made bark rubbings and also created lovely Art work using natural materials from the great outdoors! In Mathematics, the children began to think about number bonds to 10, investigating all the ways they could find to make 10. They learnt a rhyme to help their recall of these number bonds and explored ways to make 10 using a range of manipulatives. Year One continued to be aspirational with their cursive handwriting and the children worked hard on keeping their letters a consistent size and shape.

Middle School: - Last week in Year 2, the children were introduced to the beginning of an unfamiliar story and they all enjoyed taking part in drama. They freeze framed what they predicted the problem might be in the story, then wrote about their ideas. In English, they also continued to explore sentence types and were beginning to recognise that all sentences need a noun (subject) and a verb. In Maths, the children tackled a range of challenges involving missing numbers, place value, addition and subtraction. They practised counting back from any given number up to 100 and thought about lots of different ways of making 20. They ended their busy week by exploring the food pyramid in Science, thinking about those foods we need lots of and those that we have as a treat.

Year 3 have been learning about how to be an author. They have been using their Creativeness Core Value to plan their own story based on the book 'Meerkat Mail', focusing on using some exciting adjectives and noun phrases. In Science, they have been making predictions by thinking about which liquid will contain the most sugar. Next week, they will have the chance to complete an experiment to find out how accurate their predictions were.

As part of the theme 'Fantastic Journeys', they have been exploring different parts of the world and finding out where it will be hot and where it will be cold in relation to the equator.

Year 4 took time to complete their innovated story of 'The Hoppameleon' and focused on creating illustrations that helped to tell the story. Alongside this, the children focused on Handwriting and presenting the story clearly for the reader. In Maths, the children reviewed their learning of addition and took time to explain and discuss the different ways of solving addition problems. Homophones and the use of the apostrophe to show possession were the focus of Spelling sessions, and the children also took the opportunity to review different ways of learning tricky spellings as part of their Home Learning. In Science, the children recapped the three different state of matter and how the particles in each state behave in different ways.

Upper School: - TBC

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