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This blog is designed to keep you up to date with what's happening in our Academy.  Just as in every week, the past one has been a busy one so here are some of the highlights.

By sla13, Sep 23 2018 09:01PM

Year 1 have been out and about in Shiphay on one of our Hook Days, where we aim to 'hook' children in to their learning either at the beginning of a theme or once it is underway.

Hook Days are a great opportunity for staff to use their fantastically imaginative skills to create situations that will arouse the imagination and enthusiasm of pupils. This term already there have been 'hooks' for our geography-based Local Environment theme on Dartmoor, the River Teign and Dawlish. Getting out and about exploring the local area is so important for children's learning and sense of community and culture and we take every opportunity to do so.

News from The Teams:

Lower School: - Throughout Foundation Stage last week, the children enjoyed all things Autumn! In Nursery, the boys and girls were excited to bring in Autumn objects that they had collected at the weekend. During their group times, the children shared the different findings and discussed where they were found. They also described the different textures of each object - some were 'spiky' and some were 'smooth' and 'soft'. The children also went on a Woodland walk in the school grounds, looking for signs of Autumn. They worked collaboratively to collect leaves, conkers, twigs and sycamore seeds to take back to Nursery to explore. The boys and girls used the conkers they had found to create fantastic 'conker rolling' paintings. They discussed which colours they may see in Autumn and dipped the conker in the paint to roll over the paper - it produced beautiful results! The conkers were also used outside to roll down the guttering. The children were very aspirational and used their problem solving skills to work out how to make the conkers roll faster or slower.

In Reception, the children thought carefully about the different colours they see in Autumn, especially those on the tree. The children took part in some creative colour mixing activities and practised the wet brush technique using powder paint. They then designed their own Autumn leaf with strikingly bold Autumn colours. There were lots of excited children making the most of the Autumn woodland area, as they collected leaves to showcase the variety of colours in Autumn. This linked really well to the book they shared last week: 'Ferdie and the Falling Leaves' by Julia Rawlinson. The boys and girls were very busy practising their name writing in their writing books; they thought carefully about their letter formation from the sounds they've been learning in their Phonics groups. In Maths, the children were looking at ‘one more’ than a number and continuing to develop their accurate counting. There are definitely some aspiring Mathematicians in Reception, as they were not only counting amounts, but also identifying the number on the number line. The children enjoyed lots of Autumn activities last week, especially making a playdough hedgehog, creating some colourful leaf rubbings and making an Autumn picture with leaves, sticks and conkers. They then took a picture of it with the iPad so they could share it with a friend.

The children in Year 1 had a fabulous time learning all about their local environment. They loved bringing in photos of their houses to share with their class and enjoyed talking and writing about their homes. During the local walk around Shiphay on Wednesday, the children were able to point out detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, flats, bungalows and cottages! They even spotted churches, shops, vets, pharmacies and doctors surgeries, to name but a few. When back in class, some of the children built fantastic replicas of some of the buildings they had seen, using Duplo! In Maths, the children spent their week learning all about money and its different values. They explored coins and tried adding 1p and 2p coins together. They had lots of fun making their own dishes of fish and chips with mushy peas, ready to sell in Shiphay Learning Academy’s very own Fish & Chip shop, putting their newly acquired money skills into use! Thursday saw a brilliant morning filled with Tag Rugby at TBGS. Yet again, the children were a real credit to the school and had great fun learning lots of new skills and working together as a team.

Middle School: - Last week in Year 2, the children had another very busy week. In English, Heron and Avocet planned their own coastal stories. They created a story mountain and mapped out their stories on it. They also included some fantastic adjectives to describe their characters. The children used iPads to research their underwater story settings in preparation for writing their stories next week.

In Maths, the children continued to work on addition and subtraction. They solved number sentences involving 3 numbers, solved number walls to find totals and found missing numbers in number sentences.

On Thursday the boys and girls took a walk to Torquay Boys Grammar School where they took part in a carousel of TAG rugby activities. They worked in teams and showed fantastic Topaz Learning Powers.

During Geography, Year 2 used the atlas' and iPads to research and label the 4 countries that make up the UK. Some of them where Aspirational and chose to label the surrounding seas and oceans.

In Year 3, the children added 3 digit numbers with 3, 2 or 1 digit numbers. They looked closely at column addition and also explored showing their calculations on other tools including: bar tool, part - part whole and place value counters.

In English, the children planned their own story using the “boxing up” strategy and started to write each element of their story in draft.

Kingfisher and Robin explored fossils through research and pictures, in their Science learning. The children identified each fossil type and showed this in their books. They used either a written explanation or a labelled diagram.

The children's theme work focused their learning on Geography. The children found out what would happen if sea defences failed and were shocked at the consequences that this would present!

Year 4 had yet another busy week. Their Maths learning continued looking at how they can represent numbers in different ways and they applied some of these ideas to help them solve word problems. They also had a very active Maths lesson which combined learning the seven times table with PE.

The children worked really hard on punctuating speech, ready for when they write their own stories. They also consolidated their knowledge of expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials and have used them in the class shared writing.

As a part of Arts Mark week, the children created pictures of rivers linked to their theme work. They found it particularly tricky to make their rivers appear wet!

Upper School: - Last week pupils in Upper School shared the Historical Anniversary Research Projects that they have been completing as home learning since the beginning of the term. We were all very impressed not only by the diverse range of historical anniversaries that the pupils had selected but by the creative ways the pupils had chosen to present their anniversary. From paper mache models to video projections inside boxes. The attention to detail was outstanding.

During Literacy, Year 5 were looking at mystery stories and using expanded noun phrases to describe spooky settings and characters. In Maths, Year 5 were multiplying and dividing whole number and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Continuing with the theme of Dartmoor as a local study, Year 5 focused on geography and created their own Moorland maps using their knowledge of map symbols. Starting a new block of Science work, Year 5 researched and wrote facts about the planets in our solar system. Combing RE and Music, Year 5 compared music from different religions. During PE. Year 5 completed orienteering challenges around the school grounds. On Tuesday some children from across Year 5 and 6 had a swimming lesson at Oldway pool.

Year 6 wrote narrative poems describing the wonder and beauty of Dartmoor. Using personification, similes and metaphors, Year 6 were able to create a specific atmosphere within their poems. Year 6 also analysed a selection of mystery stories to identify a story's underlying plot and then used the text to generate a checklist for suspense writing. During Maths, Year 6 consolidated their understanding of place value in 6-digit numbers by adding and subtracting powers of 10; placing numbers on a number line; and rounding to the nearest 10,100,1,000, 10,000 and 1000,000. As part of their geographical study of Dartmoor, Year 6 continued to develop their understanding of maps. Working with the Sports' Leaders from Torquay Boys Grammar School, Year 6 continued to learn the skills necessary to play handball. During indoor PE, Year 6 worked individually and in pairs to combine and perform gymnastic actions, shapes and balance with increased fluency and stability. On Friday, Year 6 selected their groups to work in and year group to teach during Children in Need day as they started to work towards achieving the charity element of their Civic Award.

Elaine 2 Football Champs Reading with Siblings Hot Seat Girls winning team 2015 Red Nose Day Boreatton12 Children in Need.png-large Poetry Slam 001 Rocket Car 1 Nursery Bedtime stories.jpg_large Y3 Open afternoon Farewell to Cherborg At the market